Geosynthetics Industrial Works PLC was found in 2004 as a joint venture between Water Works Construction Enterprise and Golden Trade Co. It is located in Addis Ababa, Akaki Kality Sub-city, and Kebele 10. The factory consists of 4800m2 area and 1800m2 office building, with ample space for expansion. All machinery is “state of the art” and will produce products to international standards.

The company was designed to facilitate correct and economical utilization of water resources incorporating the concept of water conservation, elimination of wastage in distribution and to fill void in the Ethiopian market for a supplier of high quality products, such as plastic pipes, plastic sheeting, and various offer products known as “Geosynthetics” which is used for the protection, collection, delivery, containment of water resources and soil protection.

Having local manufacturer for Geosynthetics products enable Ethiopia to move forward quickly in its efforts to provide water services to agriculture, industry and utility services, at the same time providing expertise, skill transfer and employment for more than 230 Ethiopians of managers, engineers, marketing and sales representatives, office support personnel and manufacturing plant workers, provide high level of expertise and customer satisfaction by producing and supplying with quality Geosynthetics products.

Through awareness and understanding of ever changing market and the varying needs of our clients has adapted and evolved so that we continue to have the capabilities to carry out the full spectrum of our products in a wider variety of sectors. Our staffs continue to provide the foundation on which the company can move forward and we believe that investment on our staff in the form of training and career progression is paramount to our continuous success. GIW’s personnel will be available to provide technical advice for installation questions and will in the future also be able to provide turnkey installation services as well.